Friday, August 19, 2011

Not As Planned

Yesterday didn't exactly work out as planned. While I do feel that I accmplished quite a bit including bathing our cat Bear and cleaning the kitchen, it was short lived. I received a call around 9:30 asking for me to go in for a 4 hour shift to cover someone. I didn't mind too much considering that it means for hours for my next cheque.
Hopefully, today I will be able to accomplish more of what I feel I need to get done. I plan on getting the fridge cleared out and heading out to do some grocery shopping and getting the house in order some more.
If I still have energy later I will either be going for a long walk or trying to start training for running again. Then spend the evening working on my crocheting so that I can get this afghan done finally and start on the next one as I need to make 3 more afghans before Christmas. Wish me luck...