Sunday, August 7, 2011

Katie Getting Hit By Car

My Sunday did not turn out to be nice and relaxing as I had hoped. On her way home from a sleepover at her friends house my daughter was hit by van. The woman who hit my daughter has children of her own in the vehicle and there was a witness to the accident. Katie had looked both ways before heading into the road and the witness had even slowed down to stop for her to cross and this other woman hit het. It was really unnerving to hear that the woman who hit my child never even got out of her vehicle yet the witness got out and helped my daughter right away. She was even good enough to have Katie phone home and she spoke with me and told me what had happened and that she had taken the other womans license plate down and demanded her name and number to give to us. Gladys, the woman who witness and helped Katie then asked for my permission to put her in her car and bring her home (some people in this world are true angels).
We did get lucky though considering a visit to the hospital and several x-rays revealed no broken bones. She is in pretty rough shape and hurts all over. There is also several scrapes and bruises and a large goose-egg on the back of her head (which we need to keep our eyes on). I am so blessed that she is ok and that it wasn't alot worse.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has showed concern and sent positive thoughts to Katie. Hopefully, she will heal quickly in regards to her musles and bumps and bruises.