Monday, August 1, 2011

Funny But Not

My mother mentioned to me something over the last couple of days that is funny but at the same time really sad. My grandmother has been over the last couple of years getting more and more forgetful. It has been a pretty steady progression which she has seen a doctor for who said it was just age and the she might be depressed so they put her on antidepressants. Before now this whole thing was just kind of silly as she can't remember what they had for dinner or sometimes can't remember who she is talking to (there have been several incidents where she asked me what grade I'm in thinking she is talking to Katie)

Well, as of 2 days ago she cannot find her bottom teeth. She is swearing up and down that she put them in her teeth bucket to soak but they are nowhere to be found. My poor grandfather has torn the house apart looking for anywhere she might have put her teeth including looking through the garbage. At this point he is convinced that she may have flushed them down the toilet. From the outside looking in I can actually see the humor in this as it makes no sense as to how someone would flush their teeth. At the same time though it is very troublesome because it is telling us that she is in a lot worse shape than my grandfather is letting on. At least my uncle lives in the same town as them and checks up on them everyday but the worry is if my grandfather starts to slip they will both have to go into a home. Hopefully this does not happen anytime soon but the worry is still there. Maybe it is just time that she went to another doctor to see if maybe it is alzheimers or just dementia.

What in your life has been funny and sad at the same time?