Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Doctors Turning Clinic

I may have reached a frustration level that could easily lead to foul language. I tried to book an appointment for Katie with her doctor who has been her doctor since before she was born. Last year he moved into a clinic setting and the rule was he would continue to see his patients but they had to make same ay appointments. I called within 5 min of the office opening and was told he was booked for the day but that Katie could show up as a walk-in patient after 2pm. I tried explaining to his MOA that Katie had been hit by a car and was very sore so it might not be in her best interest to sit for who knows how long in hopes of seeing the doctor, to which I was informed that unfortunately that is just the way it is. ARRGGGH.
I am starting to think that it is time to look for a new family doctor because from the looks of it he is turning full walk-in clinic. When he had his own office if there was an not issue and any of us needed to see a doctor same day even if he was booked they would find a way to slip you in. Now they want you to show up and wait as if you were just any person off the street and no guarantee of actually seeing your family doctor because you see whichever one is available first. To me this is just not acceptable when I want Katie to see her doctor I WANT HER TO SEE HER DOCTOR not some stupid doctor just in it to meet their quota for the day.