Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Change Is Hard

I have never understood how hard change is until there were things I wanted to change about myself. On some levels it has seemed easy almost to the point of not even really trying. Oh how that can fool ones self.

I have been totally stumped when it comes to other forms of change such as quitting smoking or going back to running. When it comes to the smoking thing I feel so ready to quit until it comes down to the wire then I seem to fold. Crumpling internally at the idea that I will feel like I am going to miss out on something and why should I have to sacrifice anything. I know this is just the addiction talking but when your are tense about the idea already it makes those arguements seem totally logical and right. Hopefully, I will have the power to change that this weekend.

As for the running thing. I really do want to start running again but everytime I think about just heading out the door I hesitate. I miss running and remember how good it felt to be in good shape and wish to be there again. Maybe it is because this time I plan on doing it alone. I need some motivation maybe I will head back to the Running Room for training again. Whatever the case at this time tomorrow I will go for a run even if it kills me to get out the door. I want to complete my goal of running a marathon by the time I am 35. With less than 1.5 years to go I had better just do it instead of thinking and dreaming about it.

Do you have any secrets as to how to get motivated to change?