Monday, August 22, 2011

Cat With An Identity Crisis

I knew how upset Katie was that Bear died but I did not take it into account how heartbroken Honey our other cat would be. If things don't let up soon I may have to enquire about getting the cat to a pet psychologist. Honey now seems to be having an indentity crisis.
Ever since last night she is trying to do and be exactly like Bear was. Let me explain first Bear was one of a kind. It was on a pretty regular basis that we would find him sleeping in the most strangest of places (kitchen sink, baqthroom sink, bathtub) So it was kind of a surprise today when I got home from work to find Honey sleeping all curled up in the kitchen sink as if that has been her bed for years. She has now also taken to trying to meow just like Bear used too and showing some of his other mannerisms. On one hand I think it is very cute but on the other hand I realize that Honey must feel desperately loney and missing Bear something fearce. In the meantime we just keep giving her lots of pets and cuddles (Katie is even sleeping on the couch so that Honey isn't out in the living room all alone at night). Hopefully it won't actually come down to hiring a pet psychologist but if Honey keeps trying to be Bear we may just have no choice...