Sunday, July 17, 2011

Working And Walking

Today was my first Sunday shift where I worked 8am to 4pm. It was a good day not to crazy and it allowed me to help focus on working on outbound calling since there was not a whole lot of inbound calls. I learned all of the little things that I will need to do when and if I am scheduled for a Sunday shift. On my break I decided to walk some of the trails near the office. It is nice that the trails run straight off of the grounds of the building. So I spend about a half hour just exploring where the trails went and enjoying a nice peaceful Sunday walk. I think next week on one of my full days if it is not raining I will head over to the pond near the building to take a look at the baby geese which are there.
Hopefully it quits raining and spitting in Surrey so that Katie and me can get the dogs walked if not I guess we will be walking them in the morning. I really hope that I can sleep in tomorrow since I don't actually have to work til 7pmn.
When I did arrive home my stepdaughters birthday party was just wrapping up. It would have been nice to be here but when your are scheduled to work, you gotta work. I can't believe that she will be 18 as of tomorrow especially considering that when Darcy and I got together she was only 3 years old. Wow how time flies.Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA. You are now on the way to being a fullfledged adult.

How did you spend your Sunday?