Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unsure and Exhausted

I am starting to realize that all of this training and learning is totally axhausting. I just don't seem to have any energy after I get off from work. During the day I seem to go through periods of feeling perfectly at peace and enjoying what I am doing and other times I think to myself that wow I still have so much to learn. I know from what I am being told at work that I am dong quite well and that I need to quit being so hard on myself. I seem to have this expectation of myself that I should be able to learn all of this really quickly and that it should all be easy but it's not.
I really just need to decide and make sure that I quit being so hard on myself and understand that I am not perfect and that this is a learning process not something that I will just know. Oh well maybe after a good nights sleep it will all look better tomorrow.
On the bright side I have gotten to see Katie more over the last day or two. She has actually been around the hosue which is nice because she spent the last couple of weeks bouncing from sleepover to sleepover. I think I will take comfort in spending time with her and Darcy and focus on relaxing.

Have you ever found that you hold yourself to high expectations and then be hard on yourself when you fall short of your own expectations?