Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things To Do...

It is my day off today and I am looking forward to getting alot done. I would have posted last night but was actually so tired that I almost didn't even cook dinner I was napping by 830pm because I refused to go to actual bed before Katie.
We have had a few power outages in the last couple of days and one of those outages lasted several hours and I didn't want to trust alot of the food that was in the fridge and freezer. Either that or I was just looking for an excuse to clean everything out. But today I plan on cleaning the fridge out and tidying up the rest of the house. One thing that I may do today is go and visit Smokey in the hospital. His biopsy was done on Monday and the report from my cousin Wendy doesn't sound very good. It sounds like he is going downhill pretty fast. I feel for him as he doesn't have much for family and he is down here alone in the hospital. I am not looking to become a saint or anything but I just think that it is only humane and decent to visit someone you know even barely if they are in the hospital possibly dying.

Would you go and visit someone you barely know in the hospital if you knew they were alone and might be dying?