Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday But Not A Lazy Sunday

It is Sunday but since I am going to be working today and not tomorrow I will call my tomorrow my Sunday for being lazy. I have plans on getting alot of things accomplished today so that I can just sit back and relax tomorrow although I will still have a few things to do Monday. I already got my kitchen cleaned up and next I will be working on the rest of the house. Hopefully the cleanliness will last for more than a few hours. I will sweep although I do know that is in vain because with the dog and cats, it seems that everytime I do within minutes I find yet another tuft of hair. So unless I shave the animals I will be waging war against the fur tufts forever. I have a list of stuff I plan on getting rid of which will create even more space in the house but I just need to convince Darcy that this is stuff we don't need. I know I just sorted and got rid of lots of stuff not even a couple of months ago but I do believe that it is time again.
I want to put myself in a very peaceful state of mind today before going in to train some more. I vow today that I will not get rattled or flustered. That is my biggest goal for the day. If I can accomplish this successfully I know that I will be on the right track. I am starting to look at my trainer like David (Biz Com Instructor) If I can conquer my fear with him and succeed with my oral presentation like I did with David then things will be awesome. I have come to this conclusion because my current trainer incites the same amount of panic in me that David did. So I just need to focus and no let it deter me. I will let you know tonight how successful I am.

Wish me luck!!