Monday, July 11, 2011

So Much For A Relaxing Day Off

My intentions were to have a nice and relaxing day. Unfortunately, the day had other plans for me. First Darcy wanted me to go and get the insurance transferred over on the car this is after I woke up at 7am with my wisdom tooth hurting me so bad that I just wanted to curl up and die. By the time the pain backed off it was 4:30pm.
Anyways I don't think I would have relaxed much today anyways as I was told that Smokey died yesterday at 1:25pm when they took him off of life support. It is really too bad but with a brain tumor and all I guess that he is in a better place where he feels no pain. I really feel for my cousin Wendy as they spent about 20 years together and even though she left him I know that she still cared deeply for him.
Katie is now getting ready to go to a birthday party at a bowling alley and then is planning on sleeping over at a friends house. So the house will be quiet maybe tonight I can actually sit back and relax. Dinner is going to be nice and easy "Butter Chicken" from M&M meats. YUUMMMM.

Do you ever have days when things just don't go as planned?