Saturday, July 9, 2011


Have you ever met someone in your life that just completely instills panic in you. Not in a seriously ad way or anything just that they make you paniked and nervous. Well my trainer today is one of those people. Really great person and I know they are just trying to help and give lots of helpful criticism but wow completly makes me flustered and freaked out.
It is like being one on one with David with him marking one of your papers or having to do a oral presentation. ARRGGHHH.
The plan for tomorrows training is going to try to keep myself as calm and relaxed as possible. I know the trainer means well and is not trying to panic me or make me nervous but even with a calm voice there is such urgency behind it that I just freak out inside.
How I am planning on dealing with it. The plan is to take lots of deep breathes and focus on just getting done what needs to be done. Done. Think happy and relaxed thoughts.

Any suggestions as to how to keep calm and focused would be greatly appreciated.