Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As if the dealings from the truck were not irritating enough it did indeed even get better and worse. I was going to need to be picked up at midnight when I got off shift so Darcy arranged to buy a used car from this car dealer we know and the guy even gave a 1 year warranty on it but then the bottom dropped out again.
My father called me and yelled and tried to belittle me. I find this incredibly fustrating because alot of the time he wants to treat me like I am 8 years old not 33 like I am. He was yelling at me about my husband and I just cannot tolerate that. Darcy over the past few months since he has stopped running around for certain friends has been the epitomy of a great husband. Things have never been better between us. He is there when I need him and even picking me up from work at midnight or driving me to work at 5 in the morning even though that will mean that he will be tired at work that day. So it really ticks me off when someone is trying to tell me otherwise especially when Darcy has finally gotten his priorities straight.
All I kept thinking yesterday is "Do you need to get this worked up over a vehicle that isn't yours?" Yes, I understand that he has helped alot of times when their is a problem with a vehicle but that does not mean that he owns me or can tell me how to live my life. If that is the cost for help then I don't want any.
On the other hand I found my brother Ian to be very helpful with his advice and he is a good listener which is nice. Although it would be even nicer if he lived closer than the other side of the country. As for my husband. Dary I love you more than words can say and thank you for finally being the husband I knew all these years that you could be.