Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Survived

I had my surgery yesterday and it must have gone okay because I surivived. The last thing I remember before surgery is my wonderful Dr. holding my hand and rubbing my hip while they started to give the the anasthethic then everyone in the room stood over me and said |goodnight). Then I woke up in recovery. I wasn't told much other than the surgery was about an hour and was given a couple of pictures of my insides which look almost completely normal except for one thing. Which from all the pictures I look at during my MOA courses looks to me like a big huge cyst. I won't have the complete details until I meet with the Dr. on the 17 of August for my follow up appointment.
I woke up today feeling pretty good except for the fact that my neck is a little stiff but the more I keep moving around the better it feels. I am working from 10-6 today and it's outbound so I think I will be able to stick it out for the shift. If I decide that I am to run down during the day I will just tell my supervisor and go home. Wish me luck.