Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting Even Better

Today I would have to say was the best day so far at my new job. This was my second day as a real person in the middle of my training. I barely needed to ask for help except for on those cases where I really had no idea as to what the answer could be. I left work feeling good about my day and feel like I am actually starting to get it just like everyone in the office told me I would. I totally feel the AHA moment coming...
Tomorrow is my day off for the weekend and I am planning on probably checking out the VV Botique for maybe a few more articles of clothing as the clothes I have are kind of heavy and we are heading in the middle of summer and I don't really want to melt to death everyday at work. Maybe if the weather is good I'll even be able to squeeze a run in along with cleaning and doing laundry which always seems to be neverending (especially with an almost teenager in the house).

What are your plans for Saturday?