Monday, July 25, 2011

The Day Before

Well it's the day before my surgery and even though I am paniking a little, I find that I am more calm than anything. Since my surgery is so early in the morning I figure the likelyhood of getting cancelled again are pretty slim. I just hope that I am recovered enough to go to work on Wednesday as I am scheduled for that day. I have not made any secret about that if I don't feel good enough to go to work that I will call in sick.
I am doing everything in my power not to panik as I know the odds of anything going wrong is really slim; however, I do find myself paniking and thinking about what if. I just keep telling myself that if anything were to go wrong that in the hospital on the operating table is the best place for it to happen cause the doctor will be right there standing over me.
Anyways, today I am going to be crocheting and keeping occupied mentally until I have to go to work this afternoon.

Have you ever been paniked about going in for minor surgery and if so how did you deal with it?

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