Saturday, July 30, 2011


My goals for today are fairly simple and complex at the same time. I have decided that today is CLEAN THE HOUSE OUT DAY. I am so sick of looking at stuff that none of us in this house use that I almost feel like coming out of my skin. At the same time I can do a huge clean with the goal of feeling like I have finally accomplished something in the house. This has been a while coming since the last time I tried to do a big clean.

So everything that I want to sell will be going in a pile and I will get Katie to make up garage sale signs later to go and post around the neighborhood and my plan for getting rid of it all is this. Just make an offer I will not be putting price tags on anything as I just want the stuff gone. By the end of the sale anything that is still there will be being driven to the VV Botique.

I have also been thinking about my textbooks from school and I will be selling all of them except for the Language of Medicine and my Clinical textbook and keyboarding books. The rest will be being posted on craigslist for cheap. YAY that will create even more space. I feel so excited and liberated with the idea of getting rid of all of this stuff. Can't wait for the clean space in the house.

Time to get started...