Thursday, July 21, 2011

And My Schedule Changes Yet Again

Oh the joy of working casual. I am not actually complaining it is actually pretty good since it looked like I was only scheduled to work 2 days next week. I got a call this morning and was told I have yet a few more shifts for next week. YAY. More money for me:)
Today is one of my days off since with what I am schedule for this week is pretty already at my max for hours. I have already cleaned my kitchen and think that stir-fry is what will be on the menu for dinner. Getting laundry done as well so that I won't be trying to complete that over my buzy weekendof shifts and getting ready for my surgery on Tuesday. I am not as anxious about the surgery this time. I just hope they don't try to cancel me again. Although I think the odds of that are pretty slim considering I have to arrive at the hospital at 6:30am this time because I am one of the first surgeries scheduled for the day.
I think this afternoon will be set aside for finishing up laundry and doing some crocheting as i am just about ready to do the borders and put together the afghan for my grandparents.

What are your thoughts on working casual for a company and the crazy schedule that entails?