Friday, July 8, 2011

Ahhhh Friday

It is Friday which this week is really my Sunday as I work tomorrow and the following day. I am going to go and pick up my new phone this morning and am happy to say that I have decided on the LG Optimus One. I will post pic of the new phone later today.
Other than that today is grocery shopping day and I feel quite impressed that since Katie wants to go shopping to pick up a couple new shirts that she will be joining me for a good portion of the day.She has really come into her own lately and has been running around with her friends most of the time that spending some time with her will be really nice. One of my stops today will deefinately be to M&M Meats since I have been craving Butter Chicken. I also plan on picking up Shephards Pie and some Stuffed Pasta Shells which are totally yummy and will make dinner easier on the nights where I don't really feel like cooking.
Other than that I will also be buying the ingredients for my chicken corn chowder since the last time I was shopping Katie lamented that it has been a long time since I had made it. So on her request I will be making it probably for Monday nights supper.
I am thinking about maybe checking out a Yoga class this weekend to see if it is something that I would like. It always looks so tranquil when other people do it that I think it may help settle my brain down if I could learn to do it right.

Any suggestions as to a Yoga place in the lower mainland that is good?