Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well I have accomplished it. I was offered the position at the dream job I went for the interview for and I start tomorrow. I am so excited that finally I have secured a position at a reputable firm with a great starting pay.
I am a little nervous but I am sure that I will do just fine. They aren't throwing me in with the sharks or anything as this position comes with 6 weeks of full time training. Although it is only a casual on-call position I am looking forward to having the flexibility and the good job.
Now to get ready, eat something and go walking dogs with Katie and then even after that go for a run with Tia so that I can be sure to have a goodnights sleep so that I am bright and chipper for my first day.

Have you ever received a career position that you feel completely deserving of due to all your hard work in life and school?