Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wow, What An Awesome Sunday

Well this afternoon turned out great even though Katie was anxious and grumpy at first about the competition. Once she got into the groove when we were there she did awesome.

I was so proud of her and the effort she put in today really showed.
She ended up walking away with placing 2nd in 2 Dances and 4 in another 2 dances. Then came the ultimate Katie placed 2nd in the Trophy dance and got a trophy. (I would have included a pic but the moment she got home she took it directly to her room)

Now, to make this day even better my beautiful step-daughter Amanda is graduating tonight. I would have loved to gone and seen her cross that stage but unfortunately the school only gave 4 tickets. So the list for going to see her is as follows: Her mom, grammy, boyfriend and dad. I hope Darcy is super proud and happy regarding both of his girls. Who could ask for anything else on Father's Day.

Do you have an awesome Father's Day memory?