Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ways To Splurge And Save

Whew, it is now Saturday and I am almost caught up on all the housework and tonight I plan to start on some laundry hopefully. I was thinking about buying a Kobo reader. Do you or anyone you know have one and are they at least stocked with good books? The only reason I am asking is because I would really not like buying it and finding out that all of the pre-loaded books are crap.
I am also still working on my grandparents afghan but need to wait til my first pay to pick up some more yarn as I am starting to run out. It will be so nice to finally have some steady income again. Although I don't really plan on changing my spending habits that I have gotten through being so broke living on government funding.
After lots of careful thought there are only about handleful of things that I plan on splurging for myself.

1) Keurig- It will be so nice to have a specialty cup of coffee that doesn't cost 2-3 dollars.
2) Kobo ereader- Since I like to read it will be much more cost effective than going and buying multiple books and as an added bonus it won't take up alot of space.
3) Some new clothes- since losing 25 pounds during school and the exercise I am getting now. It will be nice to buy a few outfits that fit and look good for work.

Other than that I am not planning on spending much and with the Keurig and Kobo ereader I plan on buying those off of craigslist so as to save myself from buying them brand new and saving some money. The only other thing I may spend on is a trip to the optometrist to get a new prescription and order some glasses off of therefore I will be saving even more money.

Have you been things of ways to save?