Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, today is the day of my laparoscopy to finally find out what is going on inside with my female parts. Although there is relief that I will finally have some answers I am truthfully scared ****less. I have been panicking on and off about the surgery because of the tiny, tiny, tiny risk of dying. There is still so much that I still want to complete in my life.
Also, since things have been going so well in all other areas of my life with the family like Darcy, Katie, and Amanda and having secured an awesome job for me it is definately not time to leave. I have done alot of reading on this subject and feel a little better knowing I have a higher risk of dying during pregnancy than during a laparscopy and the big plus of the fact that the Dr. doing the laparoscopy is the head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the hospital that this is taking place at. All of that information makes me feel better including the fact that I won't be asleep for very long.
But if for any reason something happened I want Darcy to know that I love him more than I have ever loved another person and that I am really happy I married him. As for Katie, she is the reason for my being, she is my heart and soul and also my sanity, I would never trade a moment with her for anything else and I love her more than life itself. My step-daughter Amanda is has been a pleasure watching her grow into the almost woman she is today and knowing that I had something to do with it helps to show me that I can do something right in the parenting department.
Anyways I know that everything will go fine but just wanted to get that out there in the totally off chance that anything happens. I feel better now and also a little less panicky. Thank for listening.

Have you ever been worried about having a simple surgery and how did you handle it?