Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well, it was Stanfest last night and it was a pretty good night of entertainment and lots of homemade pyrotechnics.
Darcy started the evening off with his solo act, as people we just starting to arrive for the festivities.

Couldn't believe it so many months since he played and he never missed a beat. Sounds just as good as he always has.
Next came the "The Raging Alcoholics" only Rob would be in a band with that name. Fyi, the caution tape was there to keep people back from the homemade pyrotechnics.

It was good and the start of the heavy music for the night with some blues thrown in.

Notice the lack of the caution tape that is due to plastic melting in flames. I guess the flames went out a little farther than he thought they would. And yes, only Rob would play 2 guitars at once. HAHA only slightly ADHD.

It was a wonderful evening even though are 9:30pm it started getting chilly out and then the real influx of people started arriving. Even my mother-in-law Gail and her boyfriend Tim came out to see a bit of the show.

If you are wondering about the background Stanfest took place at Stan's salvage yard so there was lots of space but interestingly enough not very many chairs. Tony even was out for the evening which I was extremely thankful for a he stood guard when I went to the bathroom which was another experience al-together considering there was no door handle to the bathroom and no lock so he stood guard so that I didn't get walked in on.

All in all it was a good evening, although I must admit it seems that the people coming to this function get younger and younger every year. However, it could just be that I am getting older...LOL

Can't wait for next year's Stanfest...

What did you do for excitement this past Saturday night?