Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Running & Dogs

I went for a run with Tia last night and have decided there must be a correlation between dogs running and then being full of energy. I figured with how much she was panting when we got home that she would be done for awhile but no it was almost like someone gave her speed. Tia spent the rest of the night running around the house and being all excitable so signs of being tired at all.

On the job front I did have an interview this morning and I am really keeping my fingers crossed because if they offer me the position I would take it without any hesitation at all. But trying not to be one who puts all their eggs in one basket I am still on the job hunt. I did received a call on my way home from the interview about going and having a second interview with another firm. Hopefully, between the both I will end up with at least one job offer.

Do you have a dog that gets incredibly excited even though they should be tired?