Sunday, June 5, 2011

Running And Stuff

Yesterday I was able to accomplish alot of what I set out to do. My most major accomplishment though was taking Tia for that run. She was really excited to go when I mentioned "Let's go for a run" I guess it was warm enough outside that the run did not bother her hip to much as she wasn't really limping at all, even by the end of the run. We ended up going about 1.5 miles. I felt pretty good although I tried to take it easy as my shin started to tighten up.
Katie never really made it home yesterday. She went to Collingwood Days with a couple of friends then off to her grandmas house. These kids are more tech savvy that I ever realized. Katie lost her phone while at the festival and instead of panicking she had her friend call her cell phone and the people at the information booth answered it and she got her phone back. So in total she got her phone back without all the panick which is nice. In the end she ended up sleeping over at a friends house after she left grandmas with the promise of being home by 5pm today.

Have you seen a situation happen where the kid uses technology and smarts to fix the problem instead of panicking?