Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Possibilities Are Endless

What a wonderful sight to wake up to blue skies and beautiful sunshine early on a Saturday morning. Should be a good sign of a nice relaxing day. Sitting here with a cup of coffee thinking about the goals for the day. I think I will plan on taking Tia for a run today since it is supposed to be really warm out it shouldn't bother her hip to much to go for a run. I really miss running and have decided that during this time of nothing but job hunting I should take advantage of the time and get back into it full force. My first goal with the running is to do the 5k Run For The Cure in early October. I should be past doing 5k by then so it will be a good starting point towards my ultimate goal of running a marathon by the time I am 35.
The other things I hope to accomplish today are working a bit on my crocheting and dying my hair (the greys are making me crazy). I would love not to dye my hair but thanks to genetics on my mom's side of the family all the women go grey early, which makes me crazy cause I have more greys than most of my friends.

Do you have any family genetics that you would love to change?