Sunday, June 26, 2011


What a gorgeous Sunday morning it is here. The sun is shining and it appears that today is going to be nice and relaxing day especially after the housework is done.
I wanted to say CONGRATS to my friend Michelle on the scoring of her new job. It has been a busy but productive week at work I feel that I have learned alot and feel like I am finally getting a hang of the computer system.
I was just thinking back over the last few months and what a struggle it was with the government funding and all the coursework that I needed to do and I am quite happy that I made it through and now have a job that I am truly enjoying. Katie seems quite happy about it to as it will allow her to be able to do a few more things than she was able to do over the last year or so. Darcy seems more relaxed as well as now things aren't as tight financially.
I have all of these ideas of things that I want to get accomplished but I want to do it without spending all my money that I am now making so I am looking at alternatives as to get how to these things like more schooling and a few products I want cheaper. I am finding that Craigslist has listings for the products I want at way cheaper prices than I would pay if I went to a retail location. As for the schooling I guess that maybe I will be taking some of my courses through distance education as then I would have a more open schedule for work. I know that if I just keep plodding along I will eventually get to the exact place I want to be in life.

How are you spending this Sunday morning?