Friday, June 3, 2011

Now The Real Job Hunting Begins

Yesterday was an awesome day, not only did I get to graduate I also received the Gold Cord in recognition of my marks and being in the top 10% percent of the class. It was a complete surprise though since they don't let you know until just before you go across the stage.
The fun part then began after the ceremony. Yes, that's right "Bring On The Food" the reception was great got to visit with a few of my fellow grads, instructors, and then grabbed some food and headed off. Was rushed a little since Katie was worrying about missing the entire day of school.
And yes now the real work begins. I awoke early this morning so that I could update my cover letter and resume. Now I just need to apply and find a position. Hopefully the fact that I have now graduated will make a better impact. We'll see?