Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let the exercise begin!!

SO today was a good day and I felt like I got alot accomplished. This morning I washed my truck since we got it back from the shop, it was noticably dirty but now it is clean and shiny and spacious without all of the tools and such inside.
Then I cleaned the kitchen and tidied up a bit around the house and after my little wandering one finally got home we went and walked Toby and Amy 1.5 miles. It felt really good and I really enjoy the private time with Katie and she opens up and tells me all about what is going on in her life and in her head.
As for tomorrow it will be filled with more job searching and taking Tia for another run. I would have loved to run again today but I don't want to overdo it for her sake or mine.

What are your health plans for tomorrow?