Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kids Grow Up Too Fast

I have determined that kids these days grow up too fast. Yesterday, Katie my youngest graduated from elementary school and I am proud to say also on the Honor Roll. After todays trip to Splashdown she will be officially out of elementary school and on to highschool.
While I am really proud of all of her accomplishments and how she is becoming quite the nice young lady it saddens me that in a few short years she will be heading off into the real world to start he life and career. Sometimes I wish she would just quit growing up so fast or that maybe time could slow down a bit. Maybe once she is in highschool it will slow down a bit and then I would have more time to spend with her and enjoy her just as she is.
Over the last few months I have seen several changes that are indicitive of growing up and feel that sometimes she doesn't need me as much but I have also seen over the last few months that when she is not feeling well or upset she does still need her mommy. Knowing that sometimes Katie still needs me makes me feel good and like I must be doing something right.

Do you ever wish that the kids would just quit growing up so that you felt you have more time with them?