Thursday, June 2, 2011


I woke up early today out of pure excitement. It is graduation day, and after all the hard work and struggling to get to this point I am really happy that it has finally arrived. So I am looking forward to having an awesome day of fun and memories. Then later this afternoon I have another interview which with any luck will lead to a job where I can use all of my skills for which I am graduating for.
So am I ready. Well I have my camera on charge to get lots of pics of the day and the festivities along with my interview outfit so that I can look nice and professional for my interview this afternoon. Katie and my mom will be attending but Darcy had something going on at work and won't be able to be there. Truthfully, I want to be upset but after all the years of him not being there for the important stuff, I think at this point I am just used to it especially thanks to some certain people (who shall remain nameless). But nevermind that this is my classmates and mines opportunity to shine as we cross the stage and officially graduate.

Congratulations to all students at Douglas College who are graduating today...STAND TALL.