Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Fool And Their Money

Have you ever known someone who seems to let money flow right thru their hands? Have you wanted to take that person and just try to knock some sense into them? Well if so then you may know how I am feeling.
I would totally love to have this person have some insight into their spending and make a budget and stick to it.
I have learned quite a bit about money over the last 2 years considering I was on government funding for school and such. Through that experience I have learned how to budget money and make every dollar stretch as far as it can. Now that I have a job I am not relaxing to much on my previous budget because I want to be able to save and have money in the bank so that if I am ever faced with the situation of being unemployed again that I don't have to worry so much about money. Hopefully on top of that I will be able to pay off all of my debt and start fresh with no debt.
Back to the situation at hand though how do you convince someone that they need to realistically look at the way they spend money and possibly come up with a budget and learn to live within it.

Any ideas as to how you could brooch someone with this?