Monday, June 6, 2011


Have you ever wondered why dreams seem so much easier than real life?

I dreamt last night that I was where wanted to be in terms of a position and life was comfortable financially and with how many hours I spent working in a week. I really hope that once i find a job that it could work out that beautifully. Unfortunately, that is not how it will probably play out since that does not seem to be the way life works for Darcy and me.

The main rule about our marraige it seems since the start is that if everything is going great between us that something else in our life is falling apart in one form or another. It is so ridiculous that we actually get a good chuckle out of it since everytime things are going well something falls apart money or the vehicle usually in the most unthought of way. I would love to change it and we have tried several times over the years but it seems that Murphy's Law always follows us around. I know it it may sound like I am being pessimistic but believe I am not. There are just some things about reality you just have accept.

Do you have Murphy's Law hanging over your head sometimes and if so how do you get rid of it?