Friday, May 20, 2011


I am officially done my practicum as of 4pm today. It was a great day too, the sun was shining beautifully all day and it was busy for most of the day in the clinic. I took in a plant for the office as a thank you. They named it Phil cause it is a Philadendrum. So cute.
Even though I was in a lot of pain due to the fact that my wisdom has been moving for the last 2 days. I do have the most awesome dentist though, he had closed the office for the long weekend I called his emergency number and he was so nice he called in a perscrition of painkillers for me. Now my tooth pain is completely gone. It is pretty heavy duty stuff but I only need it til the tooth stops moving again.
Since I am feeling a bit better, Darcy and me took Tia puppy for a walk and I did a little bit of running with her. It was nice and I am looking foward to doing more of that kind of activity with her.

How did you spend your evening?