Friday, May 13, 2011

Week Two Is Officially Done

It final week two of my practicum is done. I am still really enjoying the experience and am totally grateful at this opportunity. I now have complete faith that I have chosen the right field for a career. Today was a busy day as we were scanning and once again all of the patients were lovely and pleasant. I am thinking that when the practicum is done that I am going to try and aim at getting a position with a private clinic as it seems that these clinics are more patient advocates than the public health care system.
It hard to believe that people are against privatization but it gives patients another avenue especially for diagnostics. Think of it the wait at public diagnostic facilities can be months. Yet at a private diagnostic facility you can usually get in within a few days which means faster results and treatments. Which also frees up spaces in the public health care system at the same time. I think if they could find a way for the two systems to work together it would mean less wait times for everyone and make the heath care system even better. With some of the things out there funding isn't even an worry as alot of these private facilities accept MEDICARD which means that you can pay over a number of months up to five years for the private diagnostic procedure which means that almost anyone can go through the private system if they want faster results.

Any thoughts about this topic?