Saturday, May 28, 2011

Up and Going

It's once again Saturday morning and I have been up for the past hour. So much for any idea of sleeping in, I'm not sure what it is maybe the last year of waking up early for school but I cannot sleep past 7am. At least the house is quiet because no one else is really awake, even the dog is sleeping on the couch.
I plan on making this day useful not only am I going to keep applying for positions to which as of next Thursday I will have the credentials but I plan on getting a bunch of my crocheting done. I want to buy the other color of yarn for my grandparents afghan on Wednesday. In the hopes of actually having their afghan done by mid-June. Then I will have only 5 mosre afghan to make before Christmas. I swear I will have the strongest fingers in my household if I can manage to get that done. Also, going to do a bit of cleaning and if it clear up out there and looks nice take Tia for another nice walk (we took her last night even ran with her a bit and she was loving it).