Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things That Don't Work Out

Well, yesterday did not work out at all like I had planned. Instead of doing extra stuff around the house, I ended up at the vets with my mom and her dog for nearly 2 hours. My mom's poor little puppy has an ulcer on her eye. Hopefully, it was caught in time and Buttons won't lose her eyesight in that eye. All in all though it was a fairly productive day and I ended up with an interview which I think went rather well. It's not anything spectacular but if I get it will help keep me afloat until I land a position in the medical field. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Katie hasn't been around much as she is now hanging with her friends more than ever, I guess she is at that age. Although I do get to hear all of the stories as to what goes on with them including that they saw a guy on the street who was hit with a motorcycle right near the school. She was very excited to tell me all about it and how they took the guy away in an ambulance. Oh tto be young like that again where everything that goes on around you is exciting.

Any wild tales from your children?