Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So Tired

I was so tired at the end of the day today that I had a migraine starting and was absolutely dizzy. After throwing some food and a extra strength advil down my throat the migraine finally started to back off. After the pain started to back off I ended up taking a nap to which Darcy told me I was snoring like a freight train. I normally only snore like that when I am totally exhausted. I know that it is not from being physically exhausted but mentally exhausted. The practicum is keeping me busy with all of the learning and repetitive tasks like answering the phones and doing up paperwork and such, I guess I finally just hit the point where I am done (mentally at least).
I applied to a few jobs today and hopefully will here something back as I have now tweaked my resume to include my practicum and the skills that I am currently learning at the practicum.
I also didn't realize how much my puppy Tia was missing me cause after I woke up from my nap the dog came into the room and jumped up onto the bed and got right in my face for lots of pets and love, then she promptly laid down at my feet and went to sleep. I guess it makes all the difference in the world knowing that mommy still loves and adores her.

Have you ever been so exhausted that your body just had to shut down for a nice loud nap?