Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last Day

I can't believe it tomorrow is my last day at the practicum, it sure doesn't feel like it has been 3 weeks already. I guess time flies when you are busy and are liking what it is that you are doing. Today was busy filled with getting reports out to the doctors and I booked 2 patients myself today as well as answered the phone most of the time.
The panic of looking for a job hasn't fully kicked in yet, although I am assuming the fire will be buring bright come next week. I hope to find something quickly as my funding runs out on the 4th of June. I have worked so hard at school and the practicum that I hope it pays off.
On the more pleasant side Katie is now dating a boy who comes and picks her up to go for a walk with his dog every night (it is so cute). And on the plus side of that she is getting more exercise than ever before. I am hoping that the money comes together to register her for a certain Irish Dancing competition for June since having the dress has built her confidence up with her dancing I think that she would place quite well. Here's hoping.

Did you do anything exciting or memorable today?