Friday, May 27, 2011

Interview And Such

Today I have an interview at a chircopractors office, it's only part time but at this point any time is good time. I'm a little nervous but trying not to freak myself out so that I don't blow the interview. I will take my portfolio and see what happens.
As for grad my mind keeps racing. I keep over-thinking every that could go wrong and it's making me freaked out. How I am fixing this is I put a call into the graduation officer so I can check and make sure everything is done that needs to be done. Then maybe my mind can rest regarding grad at least until that day. I am excited however, cause finally I will have something under my belt that will help me attain a real career position and help lead me down the road to my final goal of becoming a nurse.
Oh well, in the meantime I guess I will just crochet just to keep me busy.

Do you find that you over-think the small details of things and how do you handle it?