Monday, May 30, 2011

Countdown Begins

In four day I will be a graduate of Douglas College MOA program. I am super excited about this prospect but at the same time I am completely scared and on edge. I am still looking for a position and my funding is going to run out this week. While I am trying not to panic and just take any job that is offered. I have to admit inside I am completely freaking out.
I would love to have it together and have a position already so that I can budget my life and figure out what I can spend per month on bills and such.
However, with no having a position yet I am in the position of just being in like suspended animation. I can't bugdet because with no income how can you budget. Oh well now that I have vented a bit I feel a little better. Now to bring on the day of looking for work. Wish me luck.

Do you ever feel panicked about money or lack thereof?