Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy But Good

It was day 4 of my practicum and it was really busy this morning but it was still really good. I even got to send some e-mails to one of the doctors. Although, I think the highlight of my day today was getting files ready after they were approved. I did a bit of phone answering today and am looking forward to booking a patient on my own within the next couple of days.
This experience has led me to the belief that I have definately chosen the right field. I have been going home every day energized and feeling good even though I am tired.
I was suprised yesterday when seeing the patients at how nice and pleasant they all were. I was really worried that they might not be a very happy bunch. All that was laid to rest when I saw how pleasant and upbeat they all were.

Can't wait til we go for the company walk at Deer Lake tomorrow it should be good. So far I have logged 13.5 km in walking which should help boost my weight loss, I can see the 130's on the horizon.