Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful Sunny Day

The morning went well with the interview and I think it went pretty good. Hopefully I will hear back from them. Other than that the practicum was good today and we were busy getting ready as tomorrow is a scanning day. I have learned so much about PET-CT scans that when I get into a medical office I will definately be mentioning it to any physician that I work for. I really think that scanning for cancer with the PET-CT is something that should be automatically required by any physician, of course it would be dependant on the type of cancer the person had as some cancers do not show up well on the scans. I will definately be a big advocate for the PET-CT even if it is through the private system as the patients can get answers and treatment sooner and more designed for them.
When leaving it was so beautiful outside with the sun shining, I was almost happy that my mom was giving Katie a ride to dance class cause then I got to wak home and enjoyed the peaceful sunny afternoon.

Does anyone else enjoy taking walks when it is beautifully sunny outside?