Saturday, April 30, 2011

Up And Awaiting The Crazyness To Begin

I am up early this morning just trying to relax a bit before things get hectic this afternoon. Darcy and I have several plans including taking pictures of his Motorcycle and several other things around the house that we are eager to sell. Not only for the money but also for the space that doing this will give us.
So far in the counting we are going to try to sell.
1 organ in good shape but the children never touch it so it is just taking up room.
Darcy's motorcycle which he bought over a year ago and has never even taken out for a ride. Guess it was just one of those "gotta haves".
A couple of computer monitors took some strong arming but I made my point with do we really need 4 computer monitors for 1 computer.
Lastly we have a printer/scanner that we just don't use since the ink costs so much. I guess that is what you get when you buy a printer on the cheap, they get you with the cost of ink.

Anyone else have things they feel the need to get rid of?