Friday, April 8, 2011


It's 7:30am on Friday morning, I have no class but whatever the case I am still wide awake. Watching CNN talk about the possible impending government shutdown. Wow, how it could get left for so long that it comes to this is ridiculous. Hopefully, this shutdown does not occur since it would make the economy even more unstable.
Today, I plan to spend my day studying and looking for employment. I hope this goes well as I would like to get working and make money again before I end up having a financial shutdown in June.
As for exercise today I will be walking to my mom's and back which will total 2 miles of walking.
I have been putting alot of thought lately into trying some health supplements like hyluronic acid and carrot seed but am still unsure as to how much benefit they will have. Does anyone out there know if that stuff actually works?