Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Forever?

WOW, how long are they going to beat this royal wedding thing. I watched one rerun of it this morning and yes it was beautiful. Kate's dress was amazing. Some of the hats not so much, especially the ones that were on people's foreheads and the ones that looked like antlers. The whole thing went off really well and it was a beautiful sight to behold even on the television but are they ever going to quit playing it over and over again. TLC is now playing it for the 3rd time and almost every other channel keeps replaying again and again. It would not be so bad but they have been totally overdoing it since last week almost every channel for the last week keeps having shows about what the wedding will be like and the comparisons between Katherine and Diana.
I think they need to not compare as they are two totally separate people and they should not try to put that kind of pressure on Kate. It's just not fair.
Oh well, maybe once the frenzy settles down about the wedding we can get back to some normality on the tv. I hope so cause I miss watching the shows like Hoarders and such.. But a Congrats out to the newly married couple.

Does anyone else find that they are taking this royal wedding thing to far?