Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ready To Start

After a really good nights sleep I feel very refreshed after all of the finals and stress. Now I feel that it is time to pull up my boot straps and focs on finishing up Biology 12 and looking for a position in a mdical office. I hope that I can find a position as soon as possible as I am now starting to really worry about the financial crunch that is going to be coming in less than 2 months when my funding goes bye-bye.
I am constantly thinking of new ways to save money even entertaining the idea of couponing, especially after watching that show Extreme Couponing. Wow, I would love to go shopping like that and barely spend any money. I guess maybe today I will look around on the internet to see if we here in Canada have any coupon savings tips like they have in the US. If anyone knows of a good coupon site please let me know.