Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OH Praise The Netty Pot

After much giggling while we were attempting to use to netty pot, we finally got it used and it is a miracle worker. She was giggling uncontrollably at the gross feeling of the mucus moving out of her sinuses but we made it through the night with only 1 coughing fit. So today I am happy to report that we all feel greatly rested and relieved that it worked. Even when Katie got up this morning there was not alot of coughing. If only we had known about this weeks ago.
On the laparoscopy front I got my surgery date and it is for the 15 of June. Which takes a lot of the pressure off since it will not conflict with my practicum or graduation. I am greatful that my gyne has such a good MOA, not to mention she was also one of the instructors at the college. HEHE the benefits of knowing people, she was aware of my schedule and booked around it.
So no the big stuff is out of the way today I a going to spend the rest of the day studying for Biology test and crocheting my grandparents afghan.

Did anyone else have a particularly great nights sleep?