Friday, April 29, 2011

Nervous and Excited

I am getting really nervous about Monday and the start of my practicum. I am confident that it will go well and that I will do just fine. Although I'm nervous about starting this new chapter in my life. After the practicum it will be graduation then off to find a job in the medical field.
I think I am more nervous about the idea that I will be leaving the safety and reassurance of school. School has been such a postive experience that I don't want anything to taint the ending of it or to change the excitement I feel about the medical field.
I am hoping that once the practicum is done it will be fairly easy to find a career as an MOA. That nothing will deter me from my long term goals in becoming a nurse down the line as money and time permit. To all my school chums I wish you all well in the practicum and I am looking forward to when we can share our experiences with each other regarding our practicums.

Has anyone else experienced this type of nervousness in regarding to finishing school and heading out into the great big world?